Well, here they are!  The 10 most expensive homes for sale in Utah

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Now..most of us can’t afford homes like this, (well at least We can’t…and we could be wrong about this), but if you would like to look at some more down to earth type homes that might fit in better with your price range…Here you go!

Salt Lake County

Starter Homes ($150,000-250,000)

Salt Lake County Homes $250-400,000

Salt Lake County Luxury Homes (over $400,000)

Salt Lake County Condos and Townhomes


Utah County

Starter Homes ($150-250000)

Utah County Homes $250-400,000

Utah County Luxury Homes (over $400,000)

Utah County Condos and Townhomes


Tooele County

Starter Homes ($150-250,000)

Tooele County Homes $250-400,000

Tooele County Luxury Homes (over $400,000)

Tooele County Condos and Townhomes


Davis County

Starter Homes ($150-250,000)

Davis County Homes $250-400,000

Davis County Luxury Homes (over $400,000)

Davis County Condos and Townhomes



Not Seeing What You’re looking for?  

Maybe you are looking for post war bungalows In Rose Park, or maybe homes with a view in Salt Lake County, the more eclectic area of Sugarhouse?  If you don’t see what you want here, just give us a shout, and we will find it for you.  Remember, we’re here to help!