Hud homes are different animals.  For the past few years, we haven’t seen many of them because of the equity homeowners have had in this market. 

But, in the past few months, we have seen them pop up on occasion.

Hud homes require strategy and dedication, but if you have the right home (and the right agent), they can be a great value.

This particular hud home in Lehi has gone through the initial bid period, and is now on a daily bid option, which means Hud will open the bids each night after midnight (click here for more information on how Hud Homes work).  Another great thing is this home is available for the $100 down program
(yep, you got it, you can get certain hud homes for $100 down payment)

You need to give us a call for that info cause not All hud homes are eligible for the $100 down program,

and like with ALLLL govt programs, there are restrictions and general hoop jumping required.

For all the info on this Hud Home, click on the listing below

And if this Hud home doesn’t work for you, but you are looking for foreclosures, here is a list of them to get you started!