6 Signs You Have Found The Right Home In Salt Lake

Deb & Steve Love
Published on June 5, 2017

6 Signs You Have Found The Right Home In Salt Lake

When you’re home hunting, (or for those of you who know us…Frog Kissing!),  it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’re making a big investment. You want to find a place which is “just right” for you (and your family). You can even get a little addicted to touring houses, always convinced the right home is just about to hit the market. Sometimes the inability to pull the trigger on a house can cause serious shopper’s remorse. You could miss out on a home that, in retrospect, was ideal.  Now, we don’t want all of you sick because of this…so the question of the day is..


Padawan learners know how to find the right home, do you?

How do you know you have found the right home?

Ah, my Padawan Learners, we Always have the answer.


Here are some useful ways to check your buying temperature and know

when you have found the right home, and it’s time to make an offer on that home:

  1. The property fundamentally meets your needs. There’s plenty of compromise in home hunting, so when you find one that has the basics covered, take note.
  2. You’d consider renovating for those luxurious little extras. Maybe the home is missing the man cave you’ve always wanted, or is does Not have the purple cow kitchen you were looking for (ok, it’s a stretch but you see where we are going here). We find that our buyers who initially wanted a turn key home start thinking ” We could build this in with our tax refund next year”.
  3. You’re in love with the kitchen. Studies show we spend most of our waking hours connected to or using the kitchen (unless like me, you are culinarily challenged). If you’re in love with the kitchen, but think the master bedroom is a little small, don’t make mistake. This could be the one.
  4. 4.The bathroom feels comfortable to you in the right home. Many times, other people’s bathrooms will give you the creeps. If you feel good about the bathroom, it’s a healthy sign. After all, you have to be naked in there.
  5. You start to see your possessions in the house. If you’re thinking “ah yes, the flatscreen could go on that wall” and “wow, my bed would fit perfectly right under the window,” then you’re starting to imagine the house as your own…it’s the right home for you.
  6. The idea of someone else buying the home gives you a pit in your stomach. If you’re “sleeping on the decision” and the idea that the home is no longer an option makes you anxious, pay attention. It could be that you have found the right home, and….it’s offer time.

So… Are you ready to buy your new home?

Find the right home for you in Salt Lake

Just Remember, we are here to help, so if you have questions, like “What the heck IS Frog Kissing”, what is the meaning of life, or what is the longest golf shot recorded (that would be in Steve’s brain, not mine)  then give us a shout at 801.819.9005 (yep you can text us) or email at [email protected] . Do it right now….while you’re thinking about it!

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