8 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

Deb & Steve Love
Published on August 25, 2017

8 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

Improve your curb appeal or the girl scouts might just boycott you come cookie time!

If you read my earlier post Curb Appeal Tops Our List, then you know that we (yes, Steve will agree with me on this) are all about that when you are thinking of selling your home.  And even if you are not selling…this should be on your mind. After all,   the view from the street is the first impression those girl scouts have of you and if they avoid your home because it looks worn out and scary, well, I hate to think of what would happen if you got “boycotted” from buying girl scout cookies. So, here you are…Ways To Improve Curb Appeal…for fun and profit…and your own satisfaction.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal by starting with the clean up.
    Yes I know, boring stuff this…but if you are selling your home, no one wants to see Johnny’s trike, the balls left over from the last soccer practice or ….Cars up on blocks.  Get rid of it all, put away the garden tools, remove the broken pots and the garden gnomes (real and sculpture!), park the car in the garage along side the lawn mower (after you have used it of course).  In other words, start with a clean canvas in order to create your work of art!
  2.  Now, Spruce up the Landscaping.  Patch the bare holes that the neighbors dog made digging for treasure, cut and trim the yard, place edging along the gardens and most of all add a color palette to your work

    Improve curb appeal by painting the door and a colorful wreath

    of art with the addition of flowers and plants.  And no, dandelions are not a flower, so don’t forget to weed the gardens and fertilize the lawn!

  3. Improve curb appeal by improving the entryway.  This is one of the most important focal points when folks are visiting your home, so if you are selling, don’t forget this one.  Create an inviting scene at the entry of your home, that welcomes your visitors. Paint the door, put a couple of topiary trees on either side or decorative pots of colorful flowers. If there is not room for that, a colorful and welcoming wreath on the door is just as effective.Don’t forget the hardware on your front door.  If it looks worn and broken, replace it.  It will be the best money you spend!
  4. If you want to improve curb appeal, Paint the fascia!  Nothing says “I really don’t like my house” more than peeling paint on the outside and the worst culprit of this is the Fascia (and if you are selling, this is one of FHA sticking points on appraisal, they will make you paint it every time).  So get your arm out of it’s sling, get a bucket of paint and a scrapper, and spruce up the trim. Now if you have aluminum fascia, and it is dull looking, take a little power wash to the house. You will be amazed at the clean feel and new look this will give your house…and it’s kinda fun to spray obnoxious people when they pass by as well….oh, you didn’t hear that from me.
  5. A natural extension to improve curb appeal  is to paint & repair other parts of your house that are in sore need.  Garage doors are a particular sore thumb, especially if they are dented from the last adventures in learning to drive by your 16 year old…or husband (whichever is applicable).  If you want to get really creative, paint the garage the same color as the door…but don’t get wild.
  6. Plant a tree as part of your landscaping.  If you don’t have trees in your yard, you are missing a great deal of curb appeal.  Trees mean family to most people (visions of tree houses and swings come to most folks minds whenever they see a tree.  Cool summer evenings under the tree…. poems have been dedicated to trees ” I think that I shall never see…a poem as lovely as a tree”….but I digress.  Trees bring character and dimension to your overall landscaping, so don’t forget them.
  7. Add low voltage lighting to sidewalks and landscaping areas.  Pretty during the day…even prettier at night and most of all, Easy to add.
  8. Make Sure that your lighting on the porch or entryway is attractive.  As much as I am good with going green, a bare energy saving bulb on a porch light with a broken cover is just not going to move me.  Improve curb appeal by replacing the old worn out outdoor fixtures with some new ones (you don’t have to spend a lot of money) and that goes for the garage as well.

Add trees to your landscaping to improve curb appeal

So, there you have it…take a little time, make a little effort, and voila…you will improve curb appeal and be known as the best in the neighborhood.  Then when your envious friends ask you where you got this Treasure Trove of Tips (wow, alliteration and everything)…you can refer them to this post….or not.

Til next time, Ciao!

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