A Great Bath Is Better Than….

Deb & Steve Love
Published on June 5, 2017

A Great Bath Is Better Than….

My idea of a perfect end to an evening is a great bath scented with my favorite vanilla and lavender bath soak and coupled with an engrossing book or some soothing music. Now, tv in a great bath is not something I want, but if that’s what floats your boat (in a metaphorical sense of course), then by all means dream this!
And, lucky for me that I get to talk about updating your bath room and perhaps your tub as part of ” Upgrades that will get your home sold”.

Baths and kitchens are on the top 10 lists of priorities when buyers are looking at homes, so if you are looking for ways to add value to your home whether you are selling in the near future, or just want to make your home more You…start with the bath!

A jacuzzi is my absolute favorite tub, but a good soaking tub is just this side of heaven for me as well.  So, on an indulgent whim, I thought I would share some “to die for ” tubs that will inspire you to complete the sentence ” A Great Bath is Better than…..”


If you are looking for a home to house Your Great Bath….Get Started Here!

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