Home Warranty In Utah, Can I Get One After I Buy A Home

Deb & Steve Love
Published on June 23, 2017

Home Warranty In Utah, Can I Get One After I Buy A Home

Q: Can I get a Home Warranty Even Though I’ve Owned My Home For A While?

A: You bet your bippy you can (dates me back to Laugh In Days & you younger folks won’t know what that is, but Goldie Hawn got her start there)…just couldn’t help myself.

If you are like us, we know we are going to have issues with our home eventually, and since we already spent about $1000 last year on fluke things wrong with our 4 year old fridge, we are now going to get a Home Warranty.

A home warranty will cover you for those irritatingly expensive home repairs to appliances, airconditioning, furnace, electrical, and inside plumbing issues. If you have ever had these…you know they can become pretty pricey. At a price of around $400 per year, we could have saved a lot of money on just the repair to the fridge by having a Home Warranty in place (hitting my head against a wall here)

For a service fee of around $65.00 the nice people at the home warranty company would have sent out someone to either repair or replace the nasty broken fridge.  We could have saved ourselves a lot of money on just the Fridge repair last year. Ok, Ok, I know I harp on this for all my clients, so now I’m putting my money where my mouth is, and we are Getting One.

In case you don’t know how this works, when you are in need of a repair, call the home warranty company first (you should have either a brochure or the receipt from your closing).  They will contact the repair guys (they have relationships with licensed contractors…not their uncle Fred who gives them a good deal) and someone will be out to fix or replace the offending appliance, electrical, or anything else that is covered under your policy.

Now, one thing about it, you can’t wait til your air conditioner to go out, get a home warranty, then call the next day…nope doesn’t work that way. You must have the warranty in place for 30 days before it will be available.  You also can’t punch out the furnace or pull the icemaker out of the fridge and accidentally “drop it” (translate, throw it against the wall) then call them to come replace it.  Repair guys are savvy to that kind of stuff (yep they are) and they won’t let you have the warranty on that kind of stuff.

As you know, we always ask for one of these little gems whenever we represent you in the purchase of a home, so all it takes is just renewing it on your anniversary.

But, if you have let it lapse, just order a new one from the company of your choice, and if you want some suggestions, give us a shout (and no we don’t get a commission on anything, so we are totally impartial in our recommendations!)  We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for getting a great home warranty for your home!

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