Top 10 List Of Things You Can Do In A Home-That You Can’t Do In An Apartment

Deb & Steve Love
Published on June 13, 2017

Top 10 List Of Things You Can Do In A Home-That You Can’t Do In An Apartment

Top 10 List of Things You Can Do With A Home That You Can’t Do In An Apartment

Now, I know that you get bombarded with all the reasons to buy a home rather than rent, and most of them are legitimate and logical, but there are some other things for you to consider.  So….here is

My Top 10 list!

10.  Build an under the stairs play area for your kids.  I can’t tell you how cool that is to watch my grand-kids playing in the little house that their dad built them under the stairs in their home.

9.  Have a naked room. Ok, we stole this from “Failure To Launch” but you probably don’t have the room to Have a naked room in your apartment if you really wanted one…now Do You?

8. Rearrange your floor plan.  Now come on, how many of us have said…if we could just change this wall, knock it out, knock it down… For all you DIY’ers, you can indulge your creative side in your own home, but in an apartment….not so much.

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7.  Now this one goes kind of hand in hand with number 8 on my top 10 list.  Build in a basement to create more space.  If you are running out of space in your apartment, how many times has your Landlord allowed you to punch through to the apartment below?

6.  Paint the kitchen orange….or yellow….or purple, with no repercussions. Well, not NO repercussions. I once painted my kitchen orange as a project when Steve was out of town.  We had a…well…discussion afterward, he just has no imagination.

5.  Keep your rent the same…for 30 years.  You know how at the end of a lease, you either sign another lease for a little higher, or go month to month for a Lot higher (cause after all apartment owners are there to make money, not just provide housing for folks).  Your mortgage will never vary (except for insurance and tax increases or decreases but even then its usually only a buck or 2) and at the end of 30 years…or sooner if you are prudent….you own the home outright.  Can you say that about an apartment?

4. Number 4 on my top 10 list is Sit by your own cozy fireplace on Christmas Eve and watch the lights on your Christmas tree.  Some apartments have fireplaces, but most don’t, and especially not in an extra family room.  Christmas trees are well, universal, but hey, I think they look so much better when you Own the home too, but again, that’s just me.

3.  Making the top 10 list at number 3 is….Have a party in your back yard, invite who you want, and not have to worry about the 10pm “silence” rule.  Now, do you have to keep it down somewhat to be a good neighbor? Yes… but ….you can always Invite them to the party, then no more problem!

2.  Tax deduction!  Whoo Hoo…more money in Your pocket every April 15th. If you are used to receiving a refund each year…chances are you will Really like the tax deduction.

1. And number 1 of my top 10 list, and probably the most important (well it should be, cause I put it at number 1, right?)  Plant roots.  You can plant a garden too (which is a bonus point 11…can’t do that too much in an apartment), but you have a permanency in a home where you can build your place in a community that doesn’t change every 6 months.  If you plan on having kidlets, or have them already, there is nothing like a stable neighborhood and community to give them the best chance of growing.


There you have it, my top 10 list of things you can do with a home that you can’t do with an apartment.   So, now call or text us at 801-819-9005 with your questions or to get started on your journey to homeownership. (ok, kind of cheesy, but you get my drift!)

Just contact us, we will be happy to help you in any way we can!
Til later, Ciao!


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