Oops!  My form isnt working, and it was a really good one too, with lots of bells and whistles.  So…Plan B

Write us an email (cause we just Love email anyway…it makes us feel loved) at [email protected], with Great American Pie as the subject line.

Next, answer the following Trivia question (get your Google out), then tell us which pie you want from among the ones listed below.

We will deliver your pie (come on, you guys are All gonna get this unless you don’t have internet) on Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week!

Remember, November 8th at 3pm is the deadline.

Here’s the Triva Question:  What song was the debut single for The Police on A&M records?

  1. “Roxanne”

  2. “Every Breathe You Take”

  3. “Message In A Bottle”

  4. “Everything She Does Is Magic”

And ….Tell Us What Pie You Want….

A- Pumpkin

B- French Apple

C- Cherry

D- Razzleberry (my favorite)


That’s all there is to it!  Get Going so you don’t miss the deadline.